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The Ministry of Science and Technology is responsible for the State of Israel’s investment in scientific research in fields of national priority and serves as a link that connects academic research with industrial development.  The Ministry strives to improve Israel’s knowledge and research infrastructure, to maximize the benefit from the knowledge amassed by researchers at Israel’s research institutions in order to facilitate research with the potential for realistic application.

In addition to the Minister’s Office and the Office of the Director General, the Ministry runs nine central divisions:  The Chief Scientist Office, the Science Infrastructure Program, the Israel Space Agency, the Science and Community Department that includes eight regional research and development centers, International Scientific Relations, the National Council for Civil Research and Development, the National Council for the Advancement of Women in Science and the Administrative Headquarters.  

The Ministry of Science and Technology plays a central role in the creation and advancement of research and development in Israel.  Focused on excellence and positioning Israel as a country at the forefront of science and technology, the Ministry sets scientific priorities in order to enhance its human and physical infrastructure, establish international scientific relations and leverage Israel’s relative advantages.  Moreover, the Ministry aims to bring science to the community, strengthen sectors with a minor presence in scientific fields and develop scientific studies in the periphery.

The Ministry's Vision
To serve as the leading factor in the advancement of Israel’s fields of science, technology and space as a springboard for economic growth, to increase social resilience and strengthen Israel’s international status. 

The Ministry’s Goals
To strengthen research and development in the fields of science and technology.
To expand and enhance Israel’s international scientific relations.
To foster achievement in the civil space fields in industry, academia and society.
To introduce science to the community and make it accessible; and to encourage excellence in science and technology. 
To improve the Ministry’s performance and quality of service (internal goal). 

History of the Ministry
The Ministry of Science and Technology was established as an independent ministry in 1982 by Professor Yuval Neeman and was originally called the Science and Development Ministry.  Prior to the Ministry’s inception, the field of science and technology was the responsibility of the Scientific Council; and subsequently, it became the responsibility of the National Council for Research and Development, as part of the Prime Minister’s Office, until 1977.  From 1977 until the Ministry was established, the field was under the purview of the Ministry of Energy and Infrastructure.
From 1999 to 2009, the Ministry’s name and role were changed to the Ministry of Science, Culture and Sport.  Following this decade, the decision was made to split the ministry into two separate ministries – the Ministry of Science and Technology and the Ministry of Culture and Sport.