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Ministry of Environmental Protection
Ministry of Environmental Protection
The Ministry of Environmental Protection operates nationally, regionally and locally. Among other things, the ministry is responsible for formulating and implementing a national environmental protection policy, enforcing environmental legislation in local authorities and serving as an advisory body to municipalities
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Learn about the Ministry's vision, targets and environmental administration. View the ministry's organizational structure and gain knowledge of the process of preparing long-term environmental policy
Environmental Indicators
Israel recently began to develop environmental indicators. In this section you may view a list of common indicators and receive relevant data on each, including monitoring results, treatment and trends
International Cooperation
International cooperation is a key feature in Israel's environmental agenda. Learn about Israel's participation in global and regional programs and conventions, bilateral and regional co-operations and legislative activities complying with international standards
Environmental Education
The Ministry of Environmental Protection takes an active part in developing environmental education curriculums, community projects and special events designed to all audiences
The Ministry publishes general and subject-specific bulletins, information booklets, reports and books. You are invited to get a closer look at key environmental affairs in Israel forum forum

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