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Prime Minister's Office
Prime Minister
The Prime Minister's Office website includes information about the current Prime Minister, and Government, contact information, press releases, PM speeches and current events.
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Government Offices
A directory of Government Ministries, Ministers, office chiefs, telephone and fax numbers and email addresses.
Latest Press Releases
The latest press releases as published by the Prime Minister's Office Spokesman.
Israeli Government Policy
This page displays the guidelines of the 31st Government of Israel: principle guidelines, the political and security arena, and fiscal policy.
Write to the Prime Minister
On this page you can fill out a form and write to Israel's Prime Minister about any issue that concerns you.
Previous Governments of Israel
Read all about Israel's former Governments and Government members and view photos of each Government.
Prime Minister's Speeches
In this section you can read translations of the Prime Minister's speeches at different events.
Victims of Terror Attacks
A search engine for searching for victims of terror attacks using free text, a location and dates. Information is displayed about each victim.
Former Israeli Prime Ministers
Iinformation about each of Israel's former Prime Ministers, including detailed biographies and photos.
The Prime Minister's Biography
In this section you can learn about the professional background and the biography of Israel's Prime Minister.
Israel's 33st Government
Read all about Israel's 33st Government, the coalition, Government members, and changes it has undergone since its inception. forum forum

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