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Tourist Resources
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Israel offers a range of accommodations for every budget and tourist. The Accommodations section on the Israel Tourism Portal features detailed information on lodging possibilities and enables you to search for accommodation by type of accommodation and/or by city.
Getting to Israel
This section on the Israel Tourism Portal features all the information on traveling to Israel by air, by sea and by land, as well as information on transportation to and from Ben Gurion Airport.
Tourist information centers
The Israeli Ministry of Tourism operates more than 20 tourist information offices throughout Israel, and more than a dozen information centers in Europe, North America and Asia. This page features a full list and contact details.
Virtual tour
For a taste of Israel, you are welcome to view the virtual tour on the Israel Tourism Portal, covering beautiful spots throughout the country.
Online photo gallery
The Israel Online Photo Gallery has thousands of photos, arranged by locations and interests. You can also use keywords to search for photos.
This page on the Israel Tourism Portal provides detailed information on the various possibilities to get around Israel, including bus and train services, taxicabs, domestic flights, and car rental. forum forum

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