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Ministry of Justice
Ministry of Justice
The Ministry of Justice's responsibilities include legal advice and legislation, the Office of the State Attorney, Civilian Legal Aid, the Public Defender, the Israel Money Laundering Prohibition Authority, the Patents, Designs and Trademarks Office and more. In the Ministry's website you can read all about these various activities.
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International Agreements, International Litigation and Foreign Relations
The Department for International Agreements and International Litigation provides legal counseling for Government Ministries and Authorities in the field of International law. The Department's tasks include counseling on international matters, international agreements, assisting in forming a unified policy of the bodies representing the State in various issues, and coordinating the matter between the various ministries. Read about the department's divisions and activities.
Jews from Arab countries Claim Form
On this page you can download an English language claims form for Jews from Arab countries.
Rights of Jews from Arab Lands
In this section you can read about the Department for the Right of Jews from Arab Countries, the department's mission, responibilities, tasks, and contact information.
Patent Attorney Offices in Israel
An updated list of active patent attorney offices in Israel, complete with contact information.
The Patent Office - Contact Information
Contact information for the Patents, Designs and Trademarks Office.
The Patent Office
The Patent Office deals with rights in industrial intellectual property in Israel by registering patents, designs and trademarks and appelation of origin. The office also provides information concerning intellectual property rights.
Certification Authorities Registrar
The Certification Authorities Registrar is in charge of implementing the essential provisions of the Electronic Signature Law . In this section you can find information about the Electronic Signature law, an English version of the law and details of the registered certification authorities in Israel.
The Administrator General
The Administrator General is the sole body authorized, by the Government of Israel, to represent the State of Israel in all transactions where any property is bestowed on the State of Israel by a way of gift, bequest, trust or in any other manner. In this section you can read about the Administrator General's activities, how to donate, commemoration, frequently asked questions and contact information.
Contact Information
Contact information for the Ministry's head office and the department of inquiries.
About the Ministry
On this page you can read all about he Ministry of Justice, a cornerstone in the existence, fortification and creation of the rule of law in the State of Israel, and about the Ministry's areas of activities.
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