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Investing in Israel
The Ministry of Industry, Trade and Labor promotes foreign investors to invest in Israel. In this area you can read about the different programs and incentives offered to foreign investors in Israel.
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Foreign Investement Incentives
Learn about investment incentives outlined in the Law for the Encouragement of Capital Investment - grants and tax benefits.
Employment Grant Program
In order to complement the revised Law for the Encouragement of Capital Investments the government has decided to establish an additional program to increase employment in the outlying areas of Israel as well as specific centers with high unemployment. Support is granted for the establishment or expansion of industrial plants, telephone call centers, computer service support centers or logistic centers. Read about the conditions for receiving support and contact details.
Incentives and benefits for investors in Israel
The Israeli government offers many incentives for both local and foreign investors in industry, tourism and real estate, with special emphasis on hi-tech and R&D companies. The benefits include grants for industrial R&D, startup incubators, employment grants and government assistance in employee training. forum forum

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