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International Trade and Cooperation
The Ministry of Trade, Labor and Ministry encourages and promotes international trade and cooperation. Learn about the Ministry's various activities in this area, locate representatives around the world and read the relevant international agreements.
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International Trade Agreements
In this section you can learn about the OECD and the national contact point in Israel, review a list of Israel's international trade agreements, and learn about Israel's free trade area agreements.
Industrial Cooperation Authority - ICA
The Industrial Cooperation Authority (ICA) assists overseas companies in forming appropriate partnerships in Israel. ICA seeks to help the foreign businessman to locate suitable Israeli manufacturers for the purpose of their products, or strategic partnerships for joint ventures, outsourcing, R&D and more. In this section you can learn about the ICA, read reviews for each branch of activity, review a catalog of potential Israeli partners, learn about the Israeli economy and review additional relevant information.
Economic and Trade Representatives Abroad
Locate Israel's economic and trade representatives abroad by selecting an area on the world map, read about the various activities of each representative and review useful information. forum forum

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