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State Comptroller and Ombudsman
The State Comptroller and Ombudsman website includes general information about the state audit  process in Israel, the ombudsman office, laws, publications and contact information.
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State Comptroller and Ombudsman - Home Page
State Audit in Israel focuses on examining activities of the executive authority and whether they have been carried out in accordance with the principles of economy, efficiency, effectiveness and moral integrity.
The Principles of State Audit
State Audit is one of the foundation stones of democracy. This section covers the principles of State Audit and its' evolving roles along the years.
State Audit Functions
State Audit can be defined as collection of data on the activities of the organizations it inspects, and their comparison with binding norms. This area counts the principal norms in the light of which the State Comptroller inspects the activities of audited bodies. In addition, it describes the scope of State Audit in Israel.
Methodology of Audit
This page presents different aspects of Audit Methodology, the results of audit (State Comptroller's Reports), liaison with the Knesset and international cooperation.
Organizational Structure
In this page, the organizational structure of the State Comptroller is presented, along with the different divisions and their responsibilities for particular areas of public administration.
The State Comptroller and Ombudsman
This page presents the Curriculum Vitae of the current State Comptroller and Ombudsman - Micha Lindenstrauss.
State Comptroller Contact details
This page includes contact information for the State Comptroller's different offices.
The Ombudsman
The expansion of State bureaucracy have created many points of friction between government authorities and the citizen. This situation brought about the need for the establishment of an objective institution which could aid the individual citizen in finding his way through the bureaucratic maze and protect him from injurious acts of government authorities. This section presents the Ombudsman and the actions taken in answering public complaints.
In this section you can read and download laws regarding the State Comptroller, such as State Comptroller Law (Passed by the Knesset on February 15th, 1988), and State Comptroller Law, 5718-1958 (consolidated version).
In this section you can download different publications, from Iyunim (the periodical of the office of the State Comptroller and Ombudsman) to Ombudsman Annual Reports and selected translations from the Annual Report of the State Comptroller .
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