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Israel Securities Authority
Israel Securities Authority
The Securities Authority was established pursuant to the Securities Law, and its function is to protect the affairs of the securities investing public, as determined in the law.
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Licensed Portfolio Managers and Investment Advisors
This page provides a list of licensed portfolio managers and investment advisors. It includes an Alphabetically search engine by name, license or status.
Public Companies
This page provudes a list of Public Companies from all over the country, inluding phone numbers and an alphabetically search engine.
Laws and Regulations
On this page you can find a list of ISA Laws and Regulations.
ISA Publications
On this page you can find a list of ISA's publications: news releases and ISA annual reports.
Enforcement and Court Judgements
On this page you can view Enforcement and Court Judgements from different courts and read about International Cooperation.
Mutual Funds
On this page you will find a list of Mutual Funds, and an Alphabetically search engine.
About ISA - Israel Securities Authority
On this page you can learn all about ISA: Functions, Departments, Performance and more. forum forum

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