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Israel Export & International Cooperation
Israel Export & International Institute
The Israel Export and International Cooperation Institute site provides an overview of  the Israeli economy and its commercial arena, as well as services and information required for commercial ventures with Israeli companies and in the Israeli marketplace.
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Israel Export and International Institute - Home Page
The Israel Export and International Cooperation Institute home page includes general information about the institution, a news section and an upcoming events section.
The "About Us" section includes some background information about the Israeli National Export Organization, the Export & International Cooperation Institute and why doing business in Israel.
Institute Structure
This page displays the internal structure of the Israel Export & International Cooperation Institute, including the various marketing divisions.
Israel's Food and Beverages Industry
Israel has a vibrant, fast-growing food and beverage industry of the highest quality, that become synonymous with gourmet foods, high quality ingredients and rich ethnic cuisine. The exports in this sector are constantly growing with an annual volume estimated at approximately 0.5 billion dollars.
Food and Beverages News
This page presents the latest developments in the Israeli Food and Beverages Industry, among them trade agreements, products and packages prices, subsidiaries, profits, new trends and more.
Food and Beverages Innovations
This page includes innovations in the Food and Beverages Industry, such as sugar-free products, new packaging and designs, flavors and more.
Israel Sectors Review
This page includes links to various sectors reviews, among them Telecommunications, Software, Optics, Biotechnology, Office Supplies, Fashion and Textiles and more.
Benefits for the Foreign Investor
This page includes the various benefits for foreign investors, such as Grant Path, Company Tax Exemption, Tax Benefits for an Approved Enterprise, including information about the Investment Center.
Israeli Trading Companies
This page includes an index of trading companies in Israel, including links to geographic specialization and fields of specialization. forum forum

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