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Studying in Israel
Pre Academic Programs and Hebrew Studies
Study Programs
Scholarships and Housing
  Foreign students who choose to study in Israel can approach a number of governmental, academic and private sources for financial assistance. Scholarships are mostly granted based on need and/or academic achievements
Government Scholarships for Foreign Students

The Israeli government offers scholarships to foreign students who are citizens of countries that have cultural agreements with Israel. Scholarships are granted after the candidate has been accepted to an Israeli University. The terms and conditions of each scholarship may change from time to time.

Two types of scholarships are typically offered:
1. For Summer language courses (Ulpan)
2. For an academic year, or for research scholarships

Applicants should meet a number of basic requirements:

 Hold a BA, BSc or a more advanced degree with a good track record of academic achievement
 Under the age of 35
 Know English or Hebrew
 Meet the academic requirements of the institution they enroll

To apply for the scholarship the candidate should complete the application form and provide relevant letters, documents, transcripts, photos and certificates.
For further information about the application process, submission dates etc. contact the local Israeli embassy or send queries to:

 Visiting Israel
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Private Education Funds and Scholarships

Overseas students are encouraged to seek external and private sources of funding. Many trusts and funds support students based on need, scholarly topics or academic achievements.

 External and Private Funds and Scholarships from the Tel-Aviv University website
 The Lady Davis Fellowship Trust
 The Alisa Flatow Memorial Scholarship Fund
 Financial aid resources from the Haifa University website
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Academic Scholarships

 The Hebrew University of Jerusalem offers a limited number of scholarships to highly qualified candidates from universities around the world who wish to study at the Rothberg International School. For more information contact the Office of Academic Affairs in New York via email:
 Tel Aviv University offers need-based assistance to students who are accepted by the Office of Academic Affairs in New York
 The University of Haifa offers a Presidential Merit Scholarship which is available for students who plan to study for one semester or a full year. Scholarship recipients are required to participate in the Volunteer Program while they are in Haifa. The university further grants a limited number of students with financial aid scholarships based on need
 The dean of students at Ben Gurion University of the Negev is in charge of awarding scholarships to students. Scholarships are granted based on financial status and academic achievements
 The Technion grants financial aid, scholarship or tuition waiver based on academic merit and/or financial status

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Housing and Dormitories

The Student Authority at the Ministry of Immigrant Absorption tries to help all students attending pre-academic programs during their first year of studies, find housing in the student dormitories (subsidized rent required). Priority is given to students whose parents live abroad.
"Lone" immigrants are entitled to assistance with rental fees from the Ministry of Immigrant Absorption, for four years as of immigration date, on condition they possess an immigration certificate (Teudat Oleh).

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The Student Authority

New immigrants (Olim) that wish to study in Israel are entitled to counseling, benefits, loans and financial assistance.
The Student Authority offers a variety of services to eligible immigrants such as:

 Various grants and loans
 Housing assistance
 Cultural and social activities
To register for Student authority assistance abroad, contact the local immigration emissary (shaliach aliya) of the Jewish Agency. When in Israel, contact the nearest Student Authority for counseling and information. The following documents are required:

 Immigration certificate (Teudat Oleh)
 Matriculation certificate/high school graduation diploma or documents
 Authorization of acceptance to an institution of higher education in Israel
 Authorization of army deferment for immigrants. Authorization of enlistment for returning minors.

 Student Authority registration
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