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Guide for Migrant Workers
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  The following section provides answers to common questions that concern many migrant workers in Israel, such as children status and proper employer-employee conduct
My employer has taken away my passport and threatened to have me deported. What can I do?

Your employer is breaking the law. Contact one of the governmental or non-governmental assistance agencies and report it. By no means are you restricted to a specific employer, and if you have a valid working visa and wish to work for another employer, you will be allowed to do so by the Ministry of the Interior.

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Why are migrant workers deported from Israel? How can I avoid it?

Migrant workers may be deported from Israel if they break the law and mainly, if they violate their visa conditions.

 Make sure you have a valid working visa (with your employer’s name)
 If you wish to extend your stay, begin visa extension procedures ahead of time
 Do not work in a trade different than the one specified in your visa
 If you wish to leave your employer, give him the due prior notice; if he has violated your rights, seek assistance (assistance to Migrant Workers) before taking any action.

Remember, if your visa was not extended you should leave Israel before it expires. You may ask legal aid from an NGO.

- More information on working visas and employee obligations

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An employment agency recruited me to work in construction, and now it wants to assign me for work as a cook. Is this allowed?

No. Your working visa is valid only for one specific trade. Do not trust employment agencies or other mediators who promise you work in a different trade.

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I became pregnant and my employer dismissed me. What should I Do?

According to Israeli law, a pregnant employee who is fit for her job cannot be dismissed by her employer. In principle, you are also entitled to a paid maternity leave. Report your employer to the Foreign Workers’ Department and ask for assistance.

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I want to report my employer, but I am afraid my situation will only get worse when he finds out.

It is a criminal offense to harm an employee as a “punishment” for filing a complaint, or assisting another employee in doing so. If this happens, contact the Foreign Workers’ Department or one of the hotlines for migrant workers.

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My children are with me in Israel. What are their rights and legal status?

In principle, your children are not allowed to stay in Israel after the expiration of their tourist visas. Officially, if your children are still in Israel after that time, they are considered illegal aliens. However, the Israeli government in a recent resolution provided permanent-resident status to children of migrant workers who:
 Have lived in Israel for at least 5 consecutive years
 Speak Hebrew
 Arrived in Israel before they were 13 years For more information, contact:
Kav LaOved or the Hotline for Migrant Workers
Physicians For Human Rights - concerning health issues
Mesila (tel. 03-6879727) - concerning child education

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